Word for Word Matthew’s Gospel (NIV), millions of lives have been changed through this film, in which Bruce Marchiano uniquely portrays Jesus as a Man of joy and passion; a Man who is God, who weeps over people's pain and reaches His care into their most broken places. A Man who truly, truly loves... you. Kay Arthur, esteemed Bible teacher, Christian leader and renowned author: “Bruce Marchiano’s portrayal of Jesus moved me to tears… it will grip your heart.”
Bruce Marchiano reprises the role of Jesus in this feature film that brings Jesus "to life" in our contemporary world, facing five strangers, each with struggles ranging from childhood abuse to longing for love. As in Matthew, Bruce portrays Jesus with a depth of “love in truth” that will minister deeply to your heart and your family/friends’. This film is also ideal for sharing Jesus with your loved ones.
Prepare yourself for an intimate journey into the heart of Jesus, as Bruce takes us behind the scenes of filming Matthew and shares his life-changing experience portraying Jesus.  Complete with behind-the-scenes photos, it is said, "You will laugh & cry, and you won't be able to put it down," as you discover Jesus afresh. Dr. Jack Hayford: "The wonderful thing about Bruce portraying Jesus is that it's not an acting job - it's a ministry."
Through this intimate exploration of Jesus’ encounters with women 2000 years ago, a breathtaking revelation of His heart for women unfolds. In this book you will find healing for the wounded, dignity, tenderness; the warmth of Jesus’ delight, as He “whispers” through every page, “Come away, my beloved one.  You are deeply precious to me.” For your women’s group or your most private reading, Dr. Jack Hayford comments, "Any woman who reads this book will 'fall in love' with Jesus."
Bruce uniquely explores the masculine character of Jesus, painting a portrait of true manhood as Jesus lived it – humility, fearlessness, selflessness, heroism, respect for women… Each chapter invites every man to true masculinity “according to Jesus.” But this book is not only for men. All will discover Jesus in an authenticity rarely explored. At the same time, it serves as a guide for single/young women, outlining what a real man truly looks like – Jesus!
Each print in this collection captures a breathtaking image from the film The Gospel of Matthew, and paints an incomparable portrait of the love and joy of Jesus. Jesus’ love for a little girl; His joy over a healed leper; Jesus worshipping His Father… These high quality, frame-able prints, which originally retailed for $40-$75 each, are yours as a collection of ten for the cost of shipping/handling. (15 x 19" & 9 1/2 x 12 1/4", each print is accented with Scripture).
Bruce will tell you that of all the projects he’s been privileged to do, this dramatized reading he wrote, produced, and narrates excites him the most. Using music by Marty Goetz and special effects, Bruce brings Jesus "to life” with remarkable passion and intimacy. We've received many dramatic testimonies through this CD, where listeners were so overwhelmed with emotion they were not able to continue driving, etc.... as Jesus reaches deeply into the heart.
Have you ever wondered what it is like to experience an African tent crusade? This collection of three messages shared by Bruce during his South African Crusades, combined with indigenous worship music, will transport you there. To quote Bruce, "It is a sublime experience to share Jesus in Africa, and it’s my privilege to take you along with me for a uniquely African worship experience that, for me, is like none other.  Welcome to my South Africa!”
Prepare yourself for an intimate journey into the heart of Jesus, as Bruce takes us behind the scenes of filming Matthew and shares his life-changing experience portraying Jesus in this audio version of his most renowned book. Narrated by Bruce with tracks from the film, his excitement for Jesus is contagious and sure to sweep you into a fresh experience of the Lord’s love. Perfect for the sight/reading challenged (on cassette tape only).