• On the Day of Billy Graham's Funeral

    Date: March 2, 2018

    Just a few weeks ago I laid my mother to rest. At 98 she'd grown up under extremely painful times--The Depression, WWII, and a father who she described as a monster. Her character and personality were shaped by all that hardship, as she was both a great joy with a larger-than-life personality and at the same time, shall we say...difficult. I owe so much of my own work ethic and endurance and and...to the values she imparted to me and my brother. She was a great mother for whom I am deeply grateful. My mother was a committed Catholic, and oh how upset she was when I was born again and started worshiping at a non-denominational church. Wow, did she give me a hard time! Every time I visited her/dad she would turn on Christian TV just to make fun of the evangelists in front of me, Billy Graham included. That went on for more than 10 years. Then one time she turned it on and there was Rev. Graham...and it was like a holy silence came on the room. Truly, I've rarely sensed God's Spirit so heavy. My mother didn't say a word, and then when he gave the call to salvation she prayed along with him. It was her moment. She gave her life to Jesus and was never the same. I was able to lay her to rest on February 15 knowing, 100% without question...she is with Him. And so along with probably millions upon millions..."Thank you, Rev. Graham. Thank you."

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