• The Meeting of a Lifetime

    Date: August 14, 2017

    As I just typed that heading I thought to myself, "I wonder how many meetings-of-a-lifetime I've actually had over the years," haha! But in the moment it always feels like the most huge ever, doesn't it? The interesting thing about "meetings of a lifetime," at least in my experience, is 99% of them came to nothing. I experienced it over and over through the making of Alison's Choice--that "impossible" distribution door suddenly opening and then 50 meetings and 500 emails/phone calls later...nothing. I'd be lying if I didn't say it took its toll on my confidence. And even way back when I was an unsaved actor pursuing a secular career, I can remember so many near misses. Did you know I screen-tested for the hit gangster movie, Mobsters? Then there was the Al Pacino movie, Sea of Love. And By the Sword, where I would have co-starred with F. Murray Abraham. To this day I drive by the building where I had that final meeting with the director that seemed to go so well...and wonder. On the Christian movie side, remember the network series, Christy, based on the best-selling books?  The year was 1993 and the way it came together I was fully convinced it was the Lord's next step for me after Matthew. Years later I ran into the producer's wife and she told me it came down to me and "the actor with the Scottish accent." She said they all agreed I was the better actor but there was something about that accent... And so one star was born and another...wasn't. And so here we are, decades down the line, and in a few hours I'm meeting with a production exec who is interested in my script of The Gospel According to John. His company's involvement could mean the difference between John being an international big screen release or a tiny blip on the ever-expanding Christian movie scene. So how does one approach such a meeting? Yes, I do my homework. But even more...I pray. One thing I've learned through the decades of these kinds of meetings and so much lost opportunity...the Lord has a plan one way or the other. And so I pray!

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