• "We'd Like to License Your Movie for the Middle East & North Africa..."

    Date: April 1, 2017

    I pray this writing finds you well and thriving in the goodness of our God - the LIVING God - whose loving kindness and power to save knows no end! If you follow my work you know I recently produced and directed my first film, Alison's Choice. Without the huge funds necessary for a theater run it's been quite the challenge breaking through to effective channels of distribution. We steadily move forward but in spite of seven award nominations and many "my life was changed" testimonies, every step is a battle as I struggle to get a foot in the doors of Netflix and the like.  But then a few days ago I received an email from a satellite broadcaster I'd never heard of. They asked to license AC for broadcast - to the Middle East and north Africa. And the Lord whispers, "My ways are not your ways, kid. And My purposes are far beyond even your most selfless thoughts. I know you'd love to see your movie at "theaters nationwide." But I'm going to use it to reach thousands who have never heard My name." The Middle East... North Africa... what a wonder! Go, Lord, go!"

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