• This is What It's All About

    Date: June 5, 2017

    It was 15-20 years ago I first developed a vision for Alison's Choice - a film about the heart of God for a young woman struggling with an unwanted pregnancy. I can't tell you how many times I came close to giving up on it. I can't tell you the just plain gutting it out, pushing through obstacle after obstacle all the way to production and release. And then comes the day when I receive this photo and message attached, "Your movie saved this baby's life." A young woman who was planning abortion saw AC...and the rest is history.  It's funny but even way back when my career began - even long before I was born again - for me it was always about being involved in significant, meaningful films. The Lord has graciously granted me that opportunity many times over. But in my wildest dreams I never imagined anything like this. Words simply cannot be found. Only, "Thank you, Lord... Thank you, thank you..."

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